Alfa Romeo 145
  • Year1994-2000
  • Number of prod. 221569
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Introduced in 1994 the 145 is the most beautiful car in its own segment. The design looks fresh after more than 10 years too.

The design was made by the Walter da’Silva guided Centro Stile, but the 145/6 comes from Andreas Zapatinas who was an employee at that time.

The outrageous tracing was a novelty in Alfas’ history. With keeping the traditional chock-style and other Alfa features (scudetto, stripped lights) and mixing it with the “unfinished” 3 door chassis Alfa Romeo framed a brand new style in the worlds’ car manufacturing.

The first facelift was in 1997, when the factory changed the traditional boxer engines to Fiat-based Twin Spark engines and launched the hot hatch version, the 145 QV with 150 HP. Beyond that the interior was changed too, Alfa get back the gill shaped inlets.

The second and last facelift was made in 1999. This time the exterior changed more. The 145 got new front and rear bumpers, the mirrors, radiator grill, door handles, bumpers and the mouldings became chassis paint.

In the interior the only change was the coming out of chrome decors.

In 2000 the 147 replaced the 145.

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