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Alfa Romeo Brera/Spider
  • Year2005-2010
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In 2002 at Geneva, when the Brera concept made its debut, it won the “Most beautiful concept car of the show”, and the “Most beautiful car of the show” awards.

In the same year the Brera won two other prizes at the Paris-Monte Carlo Rally and at the Bibendum Challenge.

These two prizes were: “The most fassionable car” and the “Most fascinationg car”. When the Brera shown up, there were lots of rumours about the manufacturing. At length, cause of the warm welcome, Alfa started to manufacture the Brera, but some exciting features were missed out from the serial version. For example the scissor doors, the transaxle system, the fully glass roof and the 4.2 litre Maserati V8 engine. (The roof was stolen by the Opel and now they offer it for the Astra GTC.)

Under the bonnet instead of the Maser V8, we can find a 2.2 litre and 3.2 litre JTS unit, latter matched with a Q4 AWD system, and a 2.4 litre JTDm diesel engine. Of course with these engines the Brera has a front wheel drive system. For the 2.4 JTDm the Q4 is optional.

The Spider version, which runs on the roads for more than 40 years with this name, came out a bit later, than it was planned. The only difference between the Brera is the missing of the roof. Cause of this the boot lid get a hunk. Thanks for this, the boot capacity remains 300/610 litres.

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