Alfa Romeo GT
  • Year2004-2010
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The GT’s predecessors, the 1900 SS, Giulietta Sprint and Alfetta GT were designed by the Turin-based studio, Carozzeria Bertone, so it wasn’t a question, who will draw the new Grand Turismo.

Lilli Bertone and her team designed a masterpiece again. In the interior the biggest design gag is the aluminium gear shifter and its knob, which comes from the late ‘60s racing models. The interior with the exception of this is mainly the same as the 147’s, but technically the GT is based on the 156. Even so the GT is bigger, larger and more usable, than the 156.

Alfa Romeo doesn’t want to make an opponent for the 156 and the GTV, so they put it between the two models. It’s much sportier than the prior, but it can’t compete with the brutal sportiness of the GTV.

The basic engine is the well-known 1.8 litre Twin Spark unit, which is followed by the 1.9 mJET diesel, and the 2.0 litre JTS petrol engine. The non plus ultra is the 3.2 litre Arese V6, with 240 HP. Unfortunately the V6 engine is no more orderable.

In 2004 the GT won the “Worlds most beautiful car” award in the coupes and coupe-cabriolets category at the 2004 Autoshow in Milan.
In 2006 Alfa made a facelift; new rims, colours, and extras are available for the GT, for example the Q2 differential. And of course the interior gets new materials, colours and shape too.


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