Marchionne claims 159 a mistake

18-11-2010  Tedi
According to Sergio Marchionne, type 159 was a mistake however they would not make a similar one in the case of its successor.
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Reuters reported that Sergio Marchionne claimed at Morgan Stanley that they had made a mistake with Alfa Romeo 159. Nevertheless referring to its successor, Giulia, he added that they would not make the same mistake and would produce a real Alfa Romeo.

Sale of 159 has been seeing as a backwater, and the original plans scheduled the changing of the model in 2010 but it was not proceeded because of unknown reasons. In Germany, there are measures to improve selling with a 5.000-euro price-reduction.

Moreover CEO of Fiat said they would sell Magnetti Marelli possessed by the Italian firm. Thus this incoming could be invested into Chrysler, however this information was refined later by the spokesman of Fiat. According to that, this is one option of the possible ways of solution.

Translated by Ferenc Pozsonyi

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