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BadBoy11-04-2008 15:44:43 // 16
It will be a car from metal or from paper?!?!?! I'm not interested in a car which is made from paper, it's not giving for me the impression what I feel when I see a real car.
156-GT03-04-2008 13:44:02 // 15
It will be really there ????? My digicam is loaded and ready for live-pictures ;o)
Grando29-03-2008 11:07:56 // 14
At the 12th of April in Esztergom you can see it! One reason more to come! ;)))
C.A.R.S.=Ton28-03-2008 20:40:09 // 13
Guess the only hope is that it will be much beter at the front when seeing it a live.
At least I hope so.
Rear and sideways is all fine by me but the grill, lamps, etc. As if there is something missing.....but dont know what.
Seriff15-03-2008 01:59:14 // 12
It doesn't look good at all imho:S
Grando14-03-2008 20:20:37 // 11
I have a strange suspicion, that something's turned out not so well around the front part. At the video they show almost only the rear and the side of the MiTo. And at the pictures (at least at those, I've seen so far) we can only see the front from a frog-perspective... The rest is all right! ,))

I'm curious, how it looks in real sight... ;)))
Tedi14-03-2008 19:59:27 // 10
I'm waiting for that 1.8 T-jet too. The 1.4 is nice, but you have to hold the rpm at the upper section, if you want it to produce some horsepower. Thx to the small bore. I think the 1.8 is big enough to produce enough power at a relaitve low rpm. My fingers itch to put a big and loud BOV to my new MiTo :)))
Alex_Alfa14-03-2008 10:36:32 // 9
It will take a while to get used with the name (I like it better as JUNIOR), but the car is great. Mostly if it comes with the T-Jet 1.8 :-D
Ollah05-02-2008 08:06:51 // 8
"Nice pix, however as per my opinion, the GTV :P is not successible. THis version is unique, unrepeatable and unbeatable.
There might come a "follow-up" model, but the feeling and the shape and everything might be hard to be carried on."
Honestly, is the GT or Brera a successor of the 916 GTV? No.
Was the 916 GTV a successor of the GTV6? No.
So it does make sense what you're saying... ;)
156-GT02-02-2008 15:13:58 // 7
It came down from pipeline from the gods:
C.A.R.S.=Ton01-02-2008 21:40:38 // 6
Thats the truth Charlie.
The 166 is unique, one of a kind and, as said in Top Gear, "the" sedan for nice people who will drive something else than "just a car".
I always hope that Alfa Romeo Italy will feel remorse for taking the 166 out of production an re-introduce it.
If one car is worth it, than it is the 166.

If drivin all kinds of cars but this is the first im driving longer than 2 years. All cars before where sold after 2 years or less. But not the 166. It's to great, to good and to lovely. Its driving abilaty, comfort and sports like apperance are just like comming from an other planet....planet Alfa or Romeo?
Driven beamer, mercs, audi's etc but not one matches the driving ability's of the 166. And when you start looking than at prices....just one great joke al the others!
166...there's no car like it!
Charlie 16601-02-2008 09:47:14 // 5
Nice pix, however as per my opinion, the 166 is not successible. THis version is unique, unrepeatable and unbeatable.
There might come a "follow-up" model, but the feeling and the shape and everything might be hard to be carried on.
166 forever ! :)
Tedi01-02-2008 09:17:01 // 4
At leaste a Maserati-like Alfa, as Ollah said before me :)
I hope that this'll be the real future, not some Caddilac-based shit with it's rear wheel drive system. I think Alfa wouldn't be so stupid to deal with the GM again. I loss more than we win with that contraction. GM engines are...just say shit :)
Ollah01-02-2008 09:05:56 // 3
Wow, quite Maserati QP-like...
C.A.R.S.=Ton31-01-2008 19:07:56 // 2

Good it be that we are looking at the successer of the 166 here?
The Alfa Romeo 169?! Looks like it! See the logo on the trunk.

Poor quality, true, but still, who nows. Doesn't look bad!
BeeGee17-09-2007 16:26:20 // 1
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