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RoadRunner07-01-2010 13:02:25 // 14
Today Im chipping my 33 16V ,high profile cams are allready on it ,Il report results later after first ride.
RoadRunner20-12-2009 19:10:52 // 13
Hello! Just to confirm my presence here :)
317-12-2007 10:18:56 // 12
Ciao!being top notch on the world would be good how much Boxer sucks throbs :)
You are somebody already knows it? :)
Rumi04-10-2007 15:39:52 // 11
hi guys
it's just a test post, I wanna chech sg.
Rumi01-10-2007 16:44:20 // 10
just the only one :)
Rumi01-10-2007 16:43:53 // 9
my ones too ;)
Bálint3328-09-2007 10:31:19 // 8
Btw. you should have realized, that my post was meant to be ironic... :P
Bálint3328-09-2007 10:28:54 // 7
You were true if there wasn't anybody on eighter. But when people spend ridiculously lot of time on the Hungarian version, then they should have time for this new version too...

By the way it's a bit ridiculous in itself that you tell me this, becouse you spend way more time on the forum than me. (maybe unprosperous on some of the mentioned tasks???? :P
Rumi27-09-2007 16:23:47 // 6
well, you know, there is work, party, friends, girls, and what else?..
yeah, of course, my Alfa Romeo, wich I wanna drive sometimes
so don't be surprised if not everyone has the time typing all day his/her clever posts :ppp
Tedi26-09-2007 17:17:08 // 5
This post easily could be an official press release :)
Bálint3326-09-2007 16:42:03 // 4
Come on boys!
Is your vocabulary this scant? Or U're just shy, about your english skills? How will we then communicate with other boxer fanatics, from english speekin' countries? This will be a serious loss for us! So mind all those good advices, from all those big foreign countries, and come comunicate with the world here at

Scott21-09-2007 15:23:13 // 3
Boxer's forever ! :)
pb_21-09-2007 15:22:34 // 2

count M21-09-2007 15:16:22 // 1

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