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Alfa Amore, the biggest Hungarian Alfa Romeo owner online community was started in April 2004 and the main topic is the brand, driving and motoring. The site was totally renewed in May 2007 and since then Alfa Amore has been offering web2 services.
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Who visit Alfa Amore?

Alfa Amore is the site of Alfa Romeo fanatics who love cars, especially their own cars. Our members and visitors are mainly age 18-40 Alfa Romeo owners or enthusiasts. Nowadays, Alfa Amore has more than 1500 members; most of them visit the site and use the services regularly, often several times a day.

We chose the name Alfa Amore because everybody knows its meaning and it’s easy to memorize. We would like to make this brand well-known and popular. Our goal is to popularize Alfa Romeo in this German car focused country. Our website is available in English, so a big mass of Alfa enthusiasts can register at Alfa Amore.


We register more than 50 thousand page downloading a day and more than a million every month.

The most popular service is the Forum beside the Members, News-Magazine and Models pages.

Our website is available at the URL, too. This is the best-known term connected to Alfa Romeo so fanatics searching for Alfa sites often search with this keyword.
And of course is available, too.

Possible advertisement forms

  • banners of various sizes
  • sponsored news
  • sponsored advertisements in the “Buy&Sell” head
  • donation
  • prize games
  • newsletter
  • SMS message
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