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fred14710-09-2009 22:40:40 // 12
Hey. Did you get the mail I sent you?

Kompressz śr07-09-2009 08:49:19 // 11
I know a good guy, but I don't know whether he speaks in English. Just drop me an e-mail if you interested in and I'll clarify it for you.
The local FIAT dealer is not the best place for doing non-warranty repairs.
fred14706-09-2009 23:51:03 // 10
Hey everybody.

What is the best place to have my 147 fixed in Debrecen? It needs a little professional love and care.

ChEff15-10-2007 09:45:11 // 9
I think there is a screw somewhere on the front of this thing.:) to be honest I have never seen this before.
The audio shop is a good idea, if you have any news I would like to hear that.

Milos14-10-2007 21:00:21 // 8
about may navigation sistem I don't know much, that's why I asked, because I don't know if there are any aux connector on the back of it....I also don't know if I have a connection for CD storage ,if there is it must be on the back side, but didn't know how to take the front panel off.....probably I will go to some audio electric servis, they must know :-).......anyway tnx for the help. I will check the site...bye
ChEff14-10-2007 11:56:19 // 7
Hi Milos,

I don't know what that navigation stuff can do, but I am just planning to buy a MP3 kit to my car as well. Dension has some devices to connect iPod to your car Hifi. Look around on
If your hifi has some connection where you can put CD-storage then I think with one AUX-jack cable you can use your MP3 player. Check your hifi.
Milos08-10-2007 18:37:46 // 6
Hi people, I'm a new alfa 147 owner so I would like to ask a question...can you please tell me how to connect an MP3 player to my car, I have CD with navigation, big 5'' display but no MP3.......if you know how to do it and where in Hungary to buy cable for that it will be a great help...tnx anyway
Gabriel29-09-2007 10:50:19 // 5
Hi everybody :-) Wow 147 section? Cool :-) I am wondering how many times we should wait for first non hungarian 147 owner? :-)

See the 147 advert here: 147
Satti21-09-2007 21:21:51 // 4
It's true, I'm sorry!:-)
Kompressz śr21-09-2007 21:09:14 // 3
Actually, yours is the second ;-)
Satti21-09-2007 11:17:31 // 2
This is the first post here:-)
Welcome every 147 owners here:-)
BeeGee17-09-2007 16:42:53 // 1
Discuss about the 147 here!
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