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C.A.R.S.=Ton07-06-2008 09:28:43 // 28
Hello Alfisti;

On the 1e of june our Dutch Alfa Romeo 166 Club had a meeting with the Alfa Romeo 147 Club and one member of the Alfa Romeo 164 Register.
Place of all the action: Nürburgring, Germany.

Some of de 166 owners spend a night near the circuit, others did the drive and the circuit in one day.

A warm welcome by Johan from de 147 Club when we arrived and then we went to a great parking place with a good vieuw on an part of the circuit.

When interested, there are some pictures and movies to see on the following links:

video 166Club
Pictures 166 Club
Pictures on the 147 Forum

Before we arrived I was so sure to drive at least one lap but when seeing what was going on, the number of times the circuit was closed because wrecks and drivers had to be removed, etc did make me more and more unsure.
At the and, some of us did go on the track in there own car and some of us had the possibility to make a round on board a Alfa 147 GTA or onboard a 156 Ringracer.
But because of all the damage the end of the story was that we did drive home in stead of walking home :-)

Grando07-03-2008 20:13:32 // 27
As it seems, it remains an unsolved secret... :DDD
Grando04-03-2008 19:19:58 // 26
Hi all!

Does anyone know the secrets of the paint-dots (yellow-red, brown-yellow, green-violet, etc.) on the suspension springs of the 166?
We cannot find any reason, or make a sequence - if there's any... :DDD
C.A.R.S.=Ton01-02-2008 21:44:10 // 25
Yep, with "petje"!
Charlie 16601-02-2008 09:44:41 // 24
Petroldrinker ?:):)
No matter ! Life starts above 2000 ccm :):)
Grando31-01-2008 20:58:50 // 23
Don't tell, that you've been looking for this picture since your last post... :DDDD
Kilo166 (Droid#1)31-01-2008 20:56:32 // 22
Damn!!! &@#%!@
Grando31-01-2008 20:17:04 // 21
Well, you demonstrated it after all:
Kilo166 (Droid#1)31-01-2008 20:04:53 // 20
The automatic gearbox is the best choice, because you can hold the beer in your hand :-)
Grando31-01-2008 20:03:44 // 19
There are some among our hungarian Alfisti, who drive the sportronic version. They love it, just like you!
But you all cannot turn me over! :DD ;)))
I'd rather stick to manual gearshifting. The question is, how much difference there is between the 5- and the 6-speed gearbox. I know, that every single gear ratio is different. But I wonder, how much this really shows in the performance of the car (with the same engine). :))
166 3.0V631-01-2008 19:54:32 // 18
Zo Petje.......ook maar eens aangemeld???? ;-)
C.A.R.S.=Ton31-01-2008 18:22:27 // 17
I'm driving a 3.0 V6 sportronic and I'm loving it.
Manual or Automatic gearbox, it is just a choice you make. Manual can also give problems.
The only "but" is that it's a 4 speed gearbox. 6 would be better but a the time, 3 years a go that I get my 166 of 1999, it wasn't availeble in the priceclass I was looking in.
Sometimes the will is there but the money ain't.

I've always said that the only way to drive was with a manual gearbox.....well, you wont here me say that again. The Sportronic in the 166 make me turn to the automatic, how un Alfa it maybe may sound. really is Sport. And tronic....just drive one and you will now that it is worth every Euro of petrol that has to go in.

And who is driving an Alfa Romeo because it is so cheep in petrol use?
Alfa and not burning petrol....than it is broke!

Grando31-01-2008 15:28:32 // 16
Well, for now, it will be built together with my 5-speed gearbox from the 2.5 V6 - according to my plans. Of course, it would be better with the 6-speed geabox - I know, or at least I suppose so. But I'm not sure, if it's worth buying another gearbox too. What do you think, how much difference does it make: 5-speed vs. 6-speed? (easy question, ay? :DDD )
166 3.0V631-01-2008 11:12:34 // 15
Great choice , a 3 liter engine is a lot more fun to drive! But don't buy an automatic gearbox , you have only 4 gears (instead of manually-6 speed) , and it's a petroldrinker. Also the automatics have troubles above the 200.000km's.
Grando30-01-2008 22:47:21 // 14
Thanks a lot again! ;))
I've already found the real one!
But I'm just about to change my 2.5 engine to a 3.0 V6 though. ;)))
166 3.0V630-01-2008 22:02:29 // 13
Can always help you , just say what you are lookin'for....
Grando30-01-2008 20:10:02 // 12
Thanks for the invitation!
Nice looking site, with many useful information - as far as I can understand them.

I like the buying tips in particular! It would be very useful on Amore too! ;))
166 3.0V630-01-2008 19:45:05 // 11
Hey guys......all 166 drvers..... take a look at , one is in the dutch language!!!!! ;-)
Grando16-01-2008 11:45:24 // 10
And what about his heart...? :DDD ;))
Charlie 16604-01-2008 16:19:07 // 9
And the car becomes smaller and smaller.......:):):):)
Satti21-09-2007 11:19:10 // 8
I am a big heart guy, with a little car:-))
Grando21-09-2007 11:16:41 // 7
That's right! :DDD

And lawnmowers for Satti. >:) ;))
Satti21-09-2007 11:13:35 // 6
Real big games, for little guys:-))
Grando21-09-2007 10:39:46 // 5
I'd rather suggest: "164 & 166 - The real big games". That's the closest to the original hungarian version. ;)))
Charlie 16621-09-2007 09:25:27 // 4
Si si Don Padre, capito :):)
Don Gombóc21-09-2007 09:18:29 // 3
164 & 166 the real big wilds Carlito!!
Charlie 16621-09-2007 09:03:54 // 2
The topic titile cvan be modified?
164 & 166, the real big guns :):)
BeeGee17-09-2007 16:44:06 // 1
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