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C.A.R.S.=Ton01-02-2008 22:10:51 // 33
I dont have to decide Teddy.
As said, the 1.4 is from the wife, the 1.8 is from my son.
My son is an mechanic (very nice to have a son in law also who is a mechanic :-) ) and when he takes the 166 for maintenance I get to drive the 1.8.
Sometimes, when I've been a nice boy, the wife lets me drive the 1.4. The 1.8 is to hard by other shockabsorbers, it is lowered so it's to hard for me. I'm just a old guy you now.
But the 1.4 Junior is just unmodifeid, original and is feels like an cart. So the more I get to drive it, the less chance that I may ever again. Throwing it around is just a lot of fun. The 1.8 is even more frightning, it really sticks to the road.
Just like the 166....but then the power makes the differance.
The 1.8 is quick however, really quick. Sometimes to quick and it is good to have ventilated is a must on a great fun car like that.
But normally I will have to feel lucky just driving the 166 3.0......and thats nothing compared to the 145 :-) !!!! But now I'm lying.
Tedi01-02-2008 15:25:43 // 32
For the first sight the rear one was like a QV, but...1.8 or QV doesn't matter, it's mainly the same. Hoq do you decide wich car to use? :) The 1.8 for fun, and the 1.4 for shopping or what? And it's very cool, that they have the same colour. I've never seen a 145 with this interesting blue or what :) But it's very nice.
BeeGee01-02-2008 10:45:17 // 31
Wow, what-a-family :)
145/146 is a very enjoyable car, i loved it. ..and even like when i rarley drive one :)
C.A.R.S.=Ton31-01-2008 19:19:29 // 30
So I'm driving an 166 3.0 V6 24v Sportronic but look what also is standing on the driveway!

The one under the carport is from my wife, a 1.4 TS and the one behind it is from my son, a 1.8 TS. Great fun driving eigther one of them and lots of joy to see them standing there, looking almost the same. Wheels are different and my son has an sunroof but thats all to see at the ouside.
ystuc03-01-2008 21:40:20 // 29
Happy new year! :-)
vgyurci (powered by boxer)23-10-2007 21:03:18 // 28
Hey dear carhood!!!! This is english version, not hungarian. Enlish please, because i dont understand! Thank's.
Rumi08-10-2007 10:43:12 // 27
christmas yeah, but there are boxes under the Ch. tree only for well-behaved guys :pp
Rumi08-10-2007 10:33:08 // 26
Seriff07-10-2007 22:40:52 // 25
With the new engine, the 145 is so fast that I've lost my snake /unterwegs;)/ :)
Seriff07-10-2007 22:39:38 // 24
Buy one for me:P Christmas is coming:D
Tedi04-10-2007 15:58:52 // 23
Seriff get a sky window instead f the snake :)
Rumi04-10-2007 12:53:37 // 22
well done guy, 2 more cylinder, that's great
but what happened to your snake on the roof? ;) :DD
Seriff03-10-2007 19:23:29 // 21
Rumi27-09-2007 16:33:32 // 20
hope you gonna be right soon.
in Ireland for example I've seen a lot of Ar-s
basically 156-s and 146.
So come on Irish Alfa owners, here is your site ;)
Jeffrey27-09-2007 14:54:35 // 19
Hello everybody!

How is it hanging:-)

Hopefully this english site will give an opportunity to get friends from abroad, and what you can't get from the hungarian market, you will be able to get it from a abroad sources:-)

Sincerely yours

Jorjie25-09-2007 15:28:48 // 18
I little speak english :))
Rumi24-09-2007 17:46:26 // 17
I hardly recomend you should
(I also recomend this for our english members :PP )
if you don't want to miss information ;)

or another opportunity, you are going to fill this version with information :))
KalTom24-09-2007 09:32:18 // 16
This is amazing! All my day I am talking in english! Now I can talk in english about my hobbie also!
GUYS, I hope you 're goin' to organize a Alfa Amore meeting maybe the next Esztergom) where hungarian talk is forbidden! Yuhh! I'll never open the hungarian version anymore! :)
Satti22-09-2007 21:28:27 // 15
It's good and true!:-))
Seriff22-09-2007 16:08:14 // 14
di_390021-09-2007 20:43:40 // 13
Hi! Why the hell are you talking in English here, when all of you are Hungarians? :) Is it a kind of language club? :)
Tedi21-09-2007 20:21:08 // 12
my=may :)
Tedi21-09-2007 20:20:29 // 11
God sent it my be so! :)
Rumi21-09-2007 20:13:27 // 10
Magnetti Marelli for saving the world from the bad ugly Bosch?
Tedi21-09-2007 19:38:50 // 9
Everything is better than that :)))
Rumi21-09-2007 19:35:38 // 8
in your dreams maybe :pp
Seriff21-09-2007 19:26:43 // 7
Yepp, I was trying to paste a smaller one:S

The title is better than a big B.O.S.C.H :P
Tedi21-09-2007 19:24:29 // 6
Looks like you failed this picture ;)
And what's that german title on the car? :))
Seriff21-09-2007 19:03:27 // 5
Well, here we go now:))

Kau21-09-2007 09:11:52 // 4
New topic? :))))
Balage21-09-2007 07:22:31 // 3
Not only for you my friend! :-D
ystuc21-09-2007 06:45:19 // 2
My favorite topic... :-)))
BeeGee17-09-2007 16:44:58 // 1
Discuss about the 145/146 models here!
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