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Grando06-06-2008 10:58:25 // 45
Allright, patience is a virtue, but it runs thin after a certain time... :DDD
Alfa Amore08-03-2008 21:40:39 // 44
Of course that's OK! :)
But please be patient 'till AlfaCity.
Grando07-03-2008 19:45:51 // 43
Well, of course I don't want to rush anything, just asking... ;))))
Grando07-03-2008 19:42:41 // 42
I see. It's not that urgent anyway. ;))
The F1 season's starting in less than a week! I've suggested to start a "Formula 1" topic (with a wilful provocative starting post - I admit). Is it OK? Can we count on it? ;)))
Alfa Amore07-03-2008 18:05:28 // 41
Sure it would be! :) It's just the question of time :) As we mentioned at the Hungarian "bug report" topic, due to AlfaCity, the site development has stopped for a while.
Grando07-03-2008 13:27:47 // 40
Wouldn't it be more appropriate, to make a separate statistics for the english site about the 100 most active members? ;))
count M23-09-2007 14:55:20 // 39
It's because the two domains .hu and .com can't use the same cookie for login - so need separated ones. Theoretically it's possible to transfer data between cookies (to share login data), but this method should be un-safe and risky.
count M23-09-2007 14:28:09 // 38
It is? Actually, I think this is not a bug.
Tedi23-09-2007 12:27:52 // 37
That's a bug. we'll repair it :) Thx
TtK23-09-2007 10:59:39 // 36
When you log in to the English version and click "magyar verzió" you have to log in again. This effect is the same the other way round. I hope it's a bug and not a feature. ;))
count M22-09-2007 13:27:41 // 35
33 Stardale article corrected. The other one should be WebM's responsability... :)

Further bugreports are more than welcome! And of course, if you find any not-so-appropiate-english word or idiom, tell us please. Thanks! :)
TtK22-09-2007 10:52:31 // 34
Some nitpicking:
The "sperrdifi" (33 Stradale) in english is called limited slip differential.
In the "My cars" section: Details and Equipment instead of Detailes and Equippment.

More to follow soon..;))
TtK22-09-2007 10:36:34 // 33
Sorry I haven't read #15, my mistake..
TtK22-09-2007 10:33:35 // 32
Actually that joke goes like this:

I have a bull, named Horry. So I call him Horrybull. Ha-ha-ha-ha!


As I mentioned in the Hungarian version: when I change here the descriptions of my photos, they changed in the Hungarian version as well. I think something should be done about it..;)

Btw: nice job, hats off!!
Attie21-09-2007 22:13:09 // 31
Yes I remember this one :)
Tedi21-09-2007 21:10:45 // 30
Galla Miklós would be envoius of this joke :)))

Best of Galla:

I have a dog, called Horry. So I said to him: horrybull :))
Attie21-09-2007 21:06:36 // 29
His name is not Pál. Haaaahaaaa... Forget it :))))
giovanni21-09-2007 19:45:33 // 28
Nice job, guys :)
Tedi21-09-2007 19:22:48 // 27
Thanks Pal :)
Seriff21-09-2007 19:14:15 // 26
Great job, buddy:)
Rumi21-09-2007 17:56:30 // 25
no, it was the one for my old car
but however, I've typed it again, so the issue is solved :)
count M21-09-2007 17:19:51 // 24
Maybe the session expired... It's the P4's datasheet we're talking about? Seems like you have to fill it again... sorry for that!
count M21-09-2007 17:16:57 // 23
Umm... something like that. ;)
Rumi21-09-2007 16:41:46 // 22
I was filling out my english datasheet, as I had some otherwork and when I came back, I wrote it to end. but as I clicked Save, I had to relogin, and just realized the system didn't save my entry :(

do I really have to do it again?
Rumi21-09-2007 16:36:10 // 21
shall this ";))" mean a kindly asking? :D
Scott21-09-2007 15:24:30 // 20
Thanks ! :)
count M21-09-2007 15:01:27 // 18
Good question. We're looking for members who speak english, and can help us to translate reviews, articles, event reports etc... ;)))
Rumi21-09-2007 14:55:53 // 17
and of course congratulation.
great job
grand :)

if it's not a secret, who investigated and will investigate in the future the time for the translation?
Scott21-09-2007 14:54:06 // 16
...will be translated.. :)
count M21-09-2007 14:53:49 // 15
Don't have to renew it, only have to log in this site, and fill the "english" fields - if you want. :) The hungarian page remains the same.

The pictures have only one caption, so you nothing to do with these... make it bilingual, by chance.
Scott21-09-2007 14:52:44 // 14
You don't have to. Forum has translation engine. Every words of your datasheet will translate by it. Be patient :PPPP:))))))
Rumi21-09-2007 14:45:18 // 13
not a bug, just a question

I completely have to renew my datasheet?
as I see in this version my "writing fields" are empty, my introducing, and the introducing my car fields both.
so I'm gonna write it again English, but
what's the story about the caption (if this is the right word for it :) )
pedrito21-09-2007 10:45:49 // 12
Thank you again! :-)
Grando21-09-2007 10:42:57 // 11
Statistic -> Statistics ;))
count M21-09-2007 10:37:38 // 10
Done. :)

(FYI: this was the last time. :) In the future if anybody needs a topic, walk the right way, and suggest it, please...)
pedrito21-09-2007 10:32:30 // 9
Can you make for us a Sprint owners topic? :-)
pedrito21-09-2007 10:31:52 // 8
Thank you! :-)
count M21-09-2007 10:31:03 // 7
Frequently Asked Questions - GyIK in hungarian. ;)
pedrito21-09-2007 10:20:58 // 6
What is FAQ? I'm not a computer genius, or something...
Attie21-09-2007 10:19:43 // 5
Read the FAQ :-PP :)
pedrito21-09-2007 09:44:12 // 4
Or tell me what to do. .-)
pedrito21-09-2007 09:43:32 // 3
The Sprint owners need a topic! :-) Please, do it for us.
Balage21-09-2007 07:23:35 // 2
The english site is a great idea! Keep it up!
Tedi19-09-2007 22:33:29 // 1
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