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Gábor(figi75)03-01-2008 08:00:21 // 20
No! :-)

To leather car,of high standard!:-)
Alfist-GTV601-01-2008 21:07:50 // 19
Very beautifull.
Where in Italy was this photo taken?
The scenery looks familiar.
Gábor(figi75)31-12-2007 18:21:45 // 18
Oh yess,original 75 metalic car.......
Italy pic!:-)
Alfist-GTV631-12-2007 17:02:25 // 17
Great looking 75.
The wheels fit the car perfectly, a perfect combination.
Gábor(figi75)31-12-2007 14:17:30 // 16
Alfist-GTV630-12-2007 19:40:46 // 15
That shouldn't be a problem ;)
Here it's basicly the same
Tedi30-12-2007 15:53:22 // 14
I have the same plans for the summer, with Alfonz. I promised him to bring'em home to Arese this summer, but unfortunatelly I hadn't got much free time and bucks, so I asked him to appologise :) Maybe next year...
Alfist-GTV630-12-2007 12:56:18 // 13
Hahaha! That's so true!!
I was also thinking of going there (Mille Miglia) sometime in the near future, or at least go to Arese and visit the Alfa museum with the GTV6 ofcourse.
Tedi29-12-2007 23:34:24 // 12
Yeah, could be worse, but it's enough shit already :) By the way...compared to Italy the situation is worse all over the world ;)
I think I should go to a Mille Miglia or whatever. To be honest the oldest Alfa I've ever seen was a '71 Giulia in a dumpster. However it had a very good estate. If we aren't count the extramatt, red painting and some rust :)
Alfist-GTV629-12-2007 23:00:44 // 11
Hahaha...don't be too hard on yourself. ;)
It could be worse, like the chinese for example haha.

The best willever be bella Italia, the mekka for us crazy alfa-folk :))
Tedi29-12-2007 22:51:36 // 10
I'll seeif i can dig up an old photo of my former 33. ;)

Would be nice :)

I can say that we've got plenty, almost every type you could think of is here i suppose.

I knew that I was born to a "wrong" country :D With the exception of one or two cars, the hungarian youngtimer Alfa line-up is could be a bit short for you I think :)
Alfist-GTV629-12-2007 22:31:00 // 9
I'll seeif i can dig up an old photo of my former 33. ;)

The youngtimers?
I can say that we've got plenty, almost every type you could think of is here i suppose.
Tedi29-12-2007 22:07:48 // 8
Thanks in the name of Alfonz also :))
Well, the 33 1.7 16v QV was that Alfa, which I had seen in that car magazine when I was 8, so...I belive that you still miss it. So would do I :)

Anyway...what about the youngtimer Alfas in Netherland? Is your country "plenty" of them? Because here in Hungary we haven't got so much, and only a few of them had renovated...:S
Alfist-GTV629-12-2007 21:52:18 // 7
Thank you, glad to be here. ;-)

Doesn't matter, an Alfa 145 is also an Alfa heheh.
Nice QV if i may say so.
*sigh* QV, those initials make me go crazy.
Owned the predecessor of your car, the 33 1.7 16v QV, still miss it till this very day :)
Tedi29-12-2007 21:36:00 // 6
Welcome :)

I don't want to be partial, but you have the most beautiful chassis ever made for a transaxle ;) I know I know...I haven't had/have a transaxle, but i'm a big fan :))
Alfist-GTV629-12-2007 21:26:07 // 5
Hi fellow alfisti,

On behalf of the dutch transaxle-community i would like to say thanks.

Oh nick says enough which transaxle i've got heheh. ;-)
Gábor(figi75)29-12-2007 20:17:10 // 4
Congratulations 75 car.............
jeff7529-12-2007 19:55:56 // 3
That s the spirit,Transaxle rules!!

prooF_7523-09-2007 21:23:25 // 2
Yes yes!
Alfettas,GTs &GTVs,Giulietta Nuovas,90s,75s,SZ & RZ, 924&944s (khmm, sorry those not:)
So, viva la transaxle!
count M23-09-2007 21:12:51 // 1
Owners of 75, 90 & other transaxle models... welcome! :)
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