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süsnye20-03-2008 16:40:20 // 6
Hello Xti!

Thank you for the information and the invitation and I hope you'll enjoy yourself here too! ;)
Xti18-03-2008 12:51:30 // 5
Hello, Alfaamore!

This message is regarding to the 155Q4 owners but not necessarely just to them.

Here is a thread that might help in achieving a nice suspension kit for your Q4s:

Visit also, its pretty interesting what they are up to.

Please consider this also an invitation from me and my mates at Berlina Sportivo.
In time I'll try my best to share with you as many infos as much I know about Alfa Romeo generally and Alfa 155 particulary.

süsnye06-03-2008 13:29:03 // 4
because there is nothig special here all the day. ;)))
Grando05-03-2008 22:51:59 // 3
Why 24h? ;))
süsnye05-03-2008 22:44:24 // 2
hmmm exciting topic. perhaps we would talk about suzus ?? :PPP :))
SD25-09-2007 11:36:49 // 1
It just a number:)

Is it means something else for you?

This is your place:)))
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