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Grando26-01-2009 20:20:46 // 4
That much is for sure: it will mix the cards a lot. But I think the top teams will be the same ones. And let's just hope, that there'll be no such accidents with that gadgets, like at the end of last year by BMW! ;))
bobryt26-01-2009 01:16:05 // 3
If KERS will help BMW it should be interesting season. Hope more lucky for my man Kubica! :)
Grando03-12-2008 11:49:14 // 2
Oh yeah! At last this topic's opened too! :)))
It took a long time though, and the 2008 season is over in the meantime, so we're much wiser by now, and the initial question has totally lost it's actuality.
We've seen quite an exciting season, so perhaps there will be some, who still have things to add in this "dead" time too... ;)))
Grando05-03-2008 23:36:10 // 1
The King's retired!(?)

Long live the King!(?)

Everything about and around F1. Not only for Ferraristi! ;))
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