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Forum FAQ

Here you can find some tips about how to behave in the forums. If you follow these advices, you may develop a good picture of yourself.
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First of all...

Alfa Amore is an online motorist community, so there’s no room for discussing political, religious or ethnical theories.  Do not upload pictures which are shocking, disgusting or containing forbidden symbols; there are many sites on the internet to publicize these. Violating these rules can infer post deleting or at worst, banning the post sender.

Other tips

First of all, read! Read what the others wrote and read back every time.  It’s very annoying when somebody asks the same question which has already been asked and answered.

If you feel that the others provoke you, read through the particular posts before you reply. Maybe it’s just a little misunderstanding. In most cases quarrels develop from these misunderstandings.

Don’t be off-topic! Only write messages which are connected to the mainstream of the topic. If you really have to write an off-topic message, please sign it with putting an “OFF” word at the beginning of your post.

Don’t flood the topics! Flooding is when you post the same message in a lot of topics. Nobody likes this.


If you reply to a particular message, use the “Reply” button. Just one click on the little bubble icon (which you can find in the right lower corner) and the conversation becomes clear and transparent.

If you want to know where you left off reading, use the bookmark. Just click on the flag icon next to the bubble.

If you want to give point to or emphasize your post (or a part of it), use the bold, italic and/or underlined characters. You can do it at the editing of the post with the little buttons in the upper row. Texts containing ONLY CAPITAL CHARACTERS count as shouting on the Internet so please, avoid them unless this is your aim.

Want to attach a link? It’s very easy at the editing of the post. Click on the heron hook and then write the URL address. It will appear in your post and if you click on it, the link will appear in a separate window.

If you write a big, complex post (with links and/or photo attachments, formatted characters) it is recommended to use the “Preview” button.

In short

Moderation of posts is very rare in the AlfaAmore topics. But don’t forget that others can only judge you based on your messages.
So, if you...
  •  speak in a friendly way,
  •  apply the orthographic rules of your language,    
  •  write clear, legible, understandable and unambiguous posts,
then you have all the chance to develop a positive virtual picture of yourself.

Opening a new topic

If you want to open a new topic, then
- First make sure that there isn’t any other topic with the same content;
- click on the “Suggest a new topic” button (you can find it at the bottom of the topic list);
- fill in the “Topic title” heading and write the topic opening post. In this you have to write some words about the topic’s mainstream.
- If you are finished, click on the “Send” button. After this our administrators will make a decision whether the topic can be opened.