Car datasheet

  • Model:156 1.8 TS
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  • Year of prod.:1996
  • Color:Nero
  • Details:
    The 156 was lowered when I both it.
    35mm down to mother earth and that was noticabel on the comfort.
    But one is young, one wants some.....

    Drivin it for allmost 2 years and, sadly, it stood all together at the dealer for about 8 months. One problem afther an other, it never stoped.
    It was however the first car I did buy with garantee. So there fore I'm gratefull. Like I just knew the wife says.

    Turned it in on the 166, just talked the garantee of the price of that and almost problem free up till now!
  • Extra equipment:
    Rear spoler, sideskirts, telephone dial alu wheels.
  • Other:
    Optical tuning is all stickers and blinding the windows. Witch now is forbidden in Holland. :-(