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I get it

The 23rd of April 2007 will be a red letter day every year for me. I bought Alfonz in this day for 3600 Euros. One of my dreams came true. More »

Car datasheet

  • Model:145 2.0 QV
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  • Year of prod.:1996
  • Color:Nero 601 B/B
  • Details:
    This QV was one of my dreamcars and it came true :) Alfonz has tobacco coloured full leather upholstery (seats, door tapestries, gear knob, and steering wheel), 2 air bags, ABS, and a breath-taking chassis from Andreas Zapatinas.
  • Extra equipment:
    Xenon lights for better visibility in the dark
    Simota air filter kit for deep, agonizing sound
    Panasonic cd player for the music
    Strut brace for better stability
  • Other:
    Nothing to say :) I love it :)