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16" Borbet wheels ON

Borbet LS 7x16 inches & Pirelli PZero Nero 195/45R16 FR tyres More »

Visconti, biiig Visconti

Let the snake do the job :D Great vinyl More »

Trunk upgrade & HI-FI installation

I didn't like the original trunk so I made it happen... Someone liked it, some not More »

K & N filter

Just for the sound of it, mmmmmmmmm :) Loved it. (made in th USA, I had to wait 2 weeks for it, 1million miles guarantee:D) More »

Black leather seats (Fiat Coupe) installed

I found the original seats uncomfortable and always loved the leather so there was no way to avoid my destiny. I bought a black set from a Fiat Coupe (Turbo 20V) and it jumped into the car. I really loved it, it was nice, comfortable and nice:)) I sold the original ones- they supposed to be in More »

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