The new calendars of Alfa Amore are now available

25-11-2009  Alfa Amore
Alfa Romeo celebrates its 100th anniversary this year, and Alfa Amore also celebrates this jubilee with the new calendars too.
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We try to transmit the pure essence of Alfa feeling - the power, which comes from the big bang, which go off in the fourth cycle in the engine, in the heart of your car.

But as the petrol implodes, not just the energy breaks loose, but the beauty, which takes the bearings of the exterior and driving pleasure. And what else could the muse hold in its hand, than the logo of the 100th anniversary?

Now, first time, you can have these pocket-calendars in five variations, so you can collect them. The three different ones edit the centenary. These calendars are limited versions, only 500 examples were made.

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Alfa Amore
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Alfistica2010-04-14 10:10:16 // 118
Hi everybody

Just wanted to say hello and invite you to vote my car in the competition for the most attractive car

Here are the cars involved:
All the cars

To vote you have to be fun of the group
here's the link

Than please vote the alfa by clicking "like" under the pic
My alfa

The car with most numbers of Likes will be the winner.

The competition is open till 30 April 2010

Thank you
AlfaBoy2008-06-20 15:20:29 // 117

Tündér = Fairy

Föckös2008-06-20 13:49:04 // 116
ithink we will meet there