Car of the Year 2010: not Giulietta

29-11-2010  Tedi
Living up to the expectations, electric vehicle of Nissan won the contest for the award Car of the Year 2011. Alfa Romeo Giulietta was the runner-up.
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Considering the result, it can be stated that the winner Nissan Leaf being a casual electric car is perfect for the present era which strongly prefers green technologies.

The runner-up was Giulietta with 248 points, 9 points less than the result of Leaf. The list of the further competitors:

Opel Meriva with 244 points
Ford C-Max with 224 points
Citroen C3/DS3 with 175 points
Volvo S60/V60 with 145 points
Dacia Duster with 132 points

Translated by Ferenc Pozsonyi

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