Giulietta fulfils sales targets

17-01-2011  Tedi
Alfa Romeo Giulietta has fulfilled its 2010 sales targets, however this year, there is a heavier plan in connection with the C-segment car.
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According to the 2010 sales targets, Alfa Romeo Giulietta should have fulfilled the annual plan of its manufacturer with 40.000 items. This desire was gratified because 39.800 items were produced. It is important to be emphasised because in 2010 Fiat concern has performed a major decrease comparing to other manufacturers, moreover car industry either standed or declined. Because of Giulietta Alfa Romeo has increased by 113 percent on the German market.

As for 2011, Alfa Romeo would like to sell 100.000 vehicles; it is a bit less than performed in the previous year. Nevertheless Giulietta is not available on the American market yet, with the help of that, they can reach their goal.

Translated by Ferenc Pozsonyi

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