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156-GT21-11-2007 15:36:17 // 6

follow this link for location and hotel and programm:
Halesz04-11-2007 02:02:24 // 5
Maybe I will visit this! :)))
156-GT03-11-2007 22:32:18 // 4
all info's and other GT-drivers :

nice community - english welcome ;o)
156-GT03-11-2007 22:31:10 // 3
2. International Alfa Romeo GT Meeting in Germany

Date : 10. and 11.05.2008 somewhere in Germany (we plan right now the location)

Every GT is welcome !
We have users all over Europe and the rest of the world (Australia).
If you have any questions :

You find more informations about our first International Meeting on my userpage including vidoes ;o)
Ollah25-09-2007 14:38:07 // 2
Where to write now, here or to the V6 topic? ;)
Really, it's not easy to decide if mine is rather a V6 (turbo) or a GTV. Mmm... :)))
BeeGee17-09-2007 16:38:53 // 1
Do you have two doors and four seats? Welcome here for a discussion!
(GTV, GTV6, GT, BRERA, etc.)
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