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Charlie 16601-02-2008 09:49:34 // 13
Yo Ton,

It is approx 1400 km so about 13 hrd net driving time.
Grando31-01-2008 21:05:54 // 12
The address:

Esztergomi Bazilika
2500 Esztergom, Szent István tér 1.

C.A.R.S.=Ton31-01-2008 19:13:43 // 11
Is it possible to give us an idea of where it is held?
For example by giving the location on a Google map?
Than I can try to find out where it is and can see if it is within my range.

Thanks, Ton.
BeeGee25-01-2008 13:43:38 // 10
Good news! :)

I think you get all help from us :)

1) send message to Tommi. He is the local organisator, he can halp any kind of hotel at Esztergom.
2) You find us in AlfaAmore jacket. Feel free to talk with us. :) Furthermore, we will be there from friday. We can dinner os drink before the happening :)
3) There will be many prize :)

+4) call as many alfisti, as you can! We help them the local things, like travel, hotel, etc.
156-GT21-01-2008 09:39:43 // 9
I think - I'll join this meeting ;o) but I need some help.
1) I need a good hotel in Esztergom with a garage for my GT
2) I need some friends to guide me through the big meeting and to talk with
3) maybe a get the price for the longest journey ? *ggg*
Halesz21-01-2008 00:50:11 // 8
The main scene of the AlfaCity08! :)

Welcome to AlfaCity
Grando16-01-2008 11:44:32 // 7
Vielleicht kannst du sie überreden, die Hochzeit in Esztergom zu halten. Doppeltes Vergnügen! ;))))
156-GT16-01-2008 08:34:50 // 6
Ohhh noooo- on this date I'm invited to an marriage of a good friend ;o(
Maybe a can visit another meeting this year.
count M15-01-2008 17:56:21 // 5
AlfaCity'08 will be on April 12th, 2008 @ Esztergom, Hungary. :)
BeeGee09-01-2008 16:14:34 // 4
A little bit later - middle of april.
Exact date coming soon :)
Gábor(figi75)08-01-2008 16:47:01 // 3
156-GT08-01-2008 15:05:32 // 2
How about a date ? Again end of march ?
BeeGee17-09-2007 21:54:35 // 1
Keeps you updated about AlfaCity events. The next - 8th - is coming soon!
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