Flash with your Alfa!

21-08-2007  Halesz
Why is that oncoming car flashing? What the hell does that man wants? My lights are off? No, probably the cops are out...Wow an Alfa! And it’s still flashing...crazy man.
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Wait a minute. You’re a member at Alfa Amore and the same happened to you and you don’t know why? Well, that’s the highest time to learn how Alfisti are behaving on the roads. Because that’s a thing that you bought an Alfa Romeo, which looks pretty good, it appeals to your pals and you can speed-up your proud neighbour’s Passat, but on the other hand there are some things which belongs to the Alfa. Things which would be missing from your life, if you had bought a Seat.

Flashing, waving, following

Don’t be surprised if the oncoming Alfa is flashing, the driver only wants to greet you. And don’t be surprised if you see a shirty Alfa scudetto which is running after you, trying to catch you up, flashing behind you, and greet you with a waving and a big smile after he/she comes beside you. He/She is just an Alfa fanatic, who is happy to see and other Alfa fan.

You can easily sour these Alfistis with miring with an uncomprehending face, or with making as if you pass it. In turn he’s/she’s just rejoiced in meet with another Alfisti. He/she thought, if you have an Alfa, you couldn’t be a bad man.

It could easily happen, when two or three Alfa fan springs upon you in such a style, and compass you. Don’t worry, they don’t want to break you and your car, they just greet you and they’re happy to see a fellow. Namely Alfisti sometimes drive in bands. Maybe the members of the band were come to know each other at this website and from that time they’re cup and can.
So if you see another Alfa, flash and sound the horn. Maybe the owner will be surprised, but most of the owners will greet you too.

The unwritten rules of welcoming – in words

Flash from far, and wave if you’re near. After passing the mate, it’s recommended to see into the rear-view mirror; maybe the hazard warning indicator will be flashing too as a goodbye :) And don’t care about the others, who will probably think you're crazy.