Flash with your Alfa!

21-08-2007  Halesz
Why is that oncoming car flashing? What the hell does that man wants? My lights are off? No, probably the cops are out...Wow an Alfa! And it’s still flashing...crazy man.
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But why is it so?

Certainly you noticed that Alfa isn’t a shoddy car (maybe that’s why you bought it). That’s because an Alfa fan is always happy if he/she meets with another, and try to let it know. Only few motorist hold together, it’s mainly the bikers characteristic...
But the owners of the special or rare brands are used to welcome each other...among the beetle fans, the American car and Saab owners welcome each other too.

This habit is an estabilished custom among the Alfa fans for a long time, particularly since Alfa Amore is operating. This website helped to disperse this habit to the masses. Previously the Alfa Romeo Club Hungary had a big share in this, the clubs membership started to bring this habit into notoriety.

The members of Alfa Amore used to report these meetings at the “Meetings” topic with a small article, moreover those cases too, when the other Alfa owner ddidn't replied to the welcome. So if you don’t welcome the others, everybody will know it.
Flashing and waving is a thing, but when an Alfa owner sees another one in trouble at the roads, he/she will help for his/hers mate, and that’s more important. Sooner or later an Alfa will stop beside a brake-downed one. There’s more chance for this as for another car will stop and help.


There’s a bigger chance for the replied welcome if you can see decals on the ridden Alfa: Visconti snake under or over the direction indicator, token Cuore Sportivo lettering on the side skirts, or a Qudrifoglio verde (green four-leaf clover) in a white triangle at the front fenders.

These decaled Alfa Romeo owners are world for world, hunting for other Alfa fans on the roads, and they are the happiest when somebody welcomes them in advance.

So flash with your Alfa! And keep up your courage, if somebody don’t reply too your welcome. Maybe it’s just a vogue-Alfista who doesn’t know what you want, or maybe he just passed you unmarked. Later, in the Meetings topic you can call him/her to account for doing so.

Other cars owners don't really make sense of this until, they aren’t buy an Alfa.
And you? Do you understand?
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