Alfa Romeo 155
  • Year1991-1997
  • Number of prod. 195526
  • Members

In 1992 when Alfa started to manufacture the 155 they continued the Alfetta-Giulietta-75 line in the D segment.

However the 155 is the successor of the 75, Alfa took the new model to a brand new technical base. They left the transaxle system, and used independent rear suspension.

According to early 90’s design trends, 155 have a bit rounded shapes compared to the 75, but remained elegantly cubic-shaped. Despite of these the car was a real successor of the 75, thanks to its aggressive tracing and excellent performance.

At the beginning the basic engine was a 1.7 litre Twin Spark unit, and beside this Alfa offered a 2 litre and 2.5 litre VM diesel engines, and a 2 litre Twin Spark with 8 (chain) or 16 (belt) valves. The hot hatch version Q4 get an AWD system and the legendary Lancia Delta 2 litre turbo engine.

Alfa 155 was very successful on the racetracks. Among others in the DTM it trashed the german cars in their own home, in 1994 Alfa Corse won the drivers and the teams championship.

The 155 was replaced by the 156 in 1997, and the new model continued the sport successes.

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