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Alfa Romeo 1900 Berlina
  • Year1950-1958
  • Number of prod. 17390
  • Members

The Orazio Satta engineered 1900 was the first mass product of Alfa Romeo.

The primary aim was to create a car for the plain mans. At that time only the 6C 2500 was manufactured, which was too expensive for most of the people. The engineers used the technique of the 30’s: 4 cylinders, chain drive, OHC, double camshaft. Alfa offered the 1900 with two engines, with 1.8 and 2 litre displacement. These units produced 80-100 HP. Its exterior is typical to the 50’s with the rounded shapes. From 1952 Alfa started to manufacture the TI version, which was mooved by a 100 HP strong engine, and it’s max speed reached 170 km/h.

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