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Alfa Romeo 2000 Berlina
  • Year1957-1962
  • Number of prod. 2893
  • Members

Alfa created the 2000 series in 1957, wich pensioned the 1900 series.

The public could saw the car at the Torino Motorshow first time. The 2000 was designed by Marcello Gandini, who worked at the Bertone Studio at that time.

Its technique is mainly the same as the 1900’s, but there’s one difference: although the same 2 litre engine put in motion the 2000 as the 1900, engineers raised the compression, so the 2000 reached 160 km/h. At that time this car was a technical miracle, because Alfa used such a technology which was before one’s time. For example aluminium block, double camshaft, 4 disc brakes and independent suspension.

The cubic design and its enlarged sizes tell apart from the 1900’s. Less than 3000 2000’s were made till 1960.

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