Alfa Romeo 33
  • Year1983-1994
  • Number of prod. 989324
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Legendary models, such as the Tipo33 – which was Alfa’s bets racecar at that time - contributed at the born of the 33 model.

The 33 get mainly the same technique as the Alfasud; it had a front wheel drive system and boxer engines. And a man, who designed it, Sergio Pininfarina and his team.

This was the first Alfa, which was successful against other manufacturers GTi, GSI, RS3 models. And the 33 was an economic success too. This is one of the factory’s most popular model.

Thank to an unusual concept, Alfa manufactured it only with 5 doors and never made a 3 door coupé version.

It should be noted that the 33 had a Giardinetta (Sportwagon) version which was designed by Pininfarina, and a P4 version which get an electric AWD system, which was took over from the Subaru.

The top models came out in 1985 and Alfa named them as Turiso Internazionale, Quadrifoglio Verde and Quadrifoglio Oro. All these models had double carburators, more power and extra equipment.


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