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Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale
  • Year1967-1969
  • Number of prod. 18
  • Members

Alfa Romeo's most exclusive model rolled to the roads in the September of 1967. (Stradale means road version)

The development was made side by side with the 33/2 racecar, and the stradale is the 33/2’s road version.

Its construction follows the classic racecar building formula: light, two seater, alloy based chassis with an amazing Franco Scaglione-made design, middle engine, and rear wheel drive. The cars length is 4 meter, its height is under a meter.

These cars meant provocation to the non-compromising Ferraris too.

The heart of the car is a real technical confection. It's a 2 litre V8 90° engine with DOHC, twin sparks, and mechanical fuel injection which boosts 230 HP @ 8800. The power get to the rear wheels with a help of a 6 speed gearbox and limited slip differential.

Till the end of the production (1969) only 18 33 Stradales were made, so most of them are owned by a collector. If somebody sells it, its price easily reaches 1 million dollars.

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