Alfa Romeo 75
  • Year1985-1992
  • Number of prod. 386773
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Alfa Romeo introduced this model on the 17th May 1985 and celebrated the factory’s 75. anniversary whith it.

This was the last rear wheel driven Alfa (with the exception of SZ/RZ). Its predecessor was the Giulia, wherefrom the 75 gets all the technical solutions and all parameters.

The chassis was designed by Ermanno Cressoni, who was the leader of Alfa Romeo Centro Stile at that time. Cressoni made a beautiful chop-styled bodywork. The interior acts on the exterior, so it was made up by straight lines and sharp corners. The solution of the handbrake (it looks like a throttle regulator of an airplane) was fascinating at that time and nowadays too. Other design gag was the switchers of the electric window and sunroof which were placed to the rooftop.

The basic equipment was very luxuriant, and the trip computer, the air conditioner, the sunroof, the alloy wheels, leather seats and sperr differential were all optional extras.

A good many Alfisti think that the 75 is the last real Alfa Romeo, because few month after the introduction Fiat Auto merged Alfa Romeo and started to phase in the platform technology, Alfa had to leave the transaxle system.

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