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Alfa Romeo Alfetta
  • Year1972-1984
  • Number of prod. 478812
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It’s very hard to summarize all the novelties of Alfetta. The slightly 1 tonne hard Alfetta could easily supplied 5 adults comfortable travelling. For example it had an engine range with 82-130 HP, 4 disc brakes, and a 5 speed gearbox.

Alfetta was named from the successful racecar of the mid’ 30's, maybe that’s because was “sport saloon” or “sport sedan” its nickname. Its interior is much bigger than the 75’s, but the exterior sizes are just like today’s 145s. (L: 4.28-4.38, W:1.64, H:1.43)

It was a technical curiosity in 1972, when Alfa introduced it. Engine in the front, gearbox, cluch, and differential in the rear; with this construction they reached the optimal 50-50% weight distribution. The rear brake discs were placed to the inner side of the stub axle next to the differential and the suspension was renewed too. De-Dion suspension in the rear, and torsion springs in the front helped the road holding. Alfa used this construction only in the racecars before!

The first engine was a 1.8 litre 4 cylinder unit, which was followed by a 1.6 in 1975 and a 2.0 in 1977. A 2.4 litre VM diesel engine was made too, and the last versions get an on-board computer, air conditioner, electric windows, mirrors and seats, and a central lock system.
To the basics of the Alfetta Alfa manufactured a coupe version, the Alfetta GT in 1974, and the two cars technique was totally the same.

Unfortunately the chassis wasn’t a durable one, so nowadays Alfetta is very rare.

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