Alfa Romeo Arna
  • Year1983-1987
  • Number of prod. 58894
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In 1980 Ettore Massacesi and Takashi Ishihara subscribed a joint venture between Alfa and Nissan and developed A.R.N.A SpA (Alfa Romeo Nissan Autoveicoli) and three years later introduced their common model, the Arna in 1983 at Franfurt Motorshow.

Arna is a mixture of Nissan’s chassis and rear suspension, and Alfa’s engine, gearbox and front suspension. This was Alfa’s first model with independent rear suspension. The bodyshells were made in Japan and transported to Italy, Pratola Serra.

The 3 and 5 doors version were available with three engines. The 1.2 litre unit produced 68, the 1.3 produced 86 HP, and the biggest unit, the 1.5 litre boxer engine produced 95 horses.

Alfa and Nissan expected the decreasing of the expenses, but it never came true, so after 3 year of production they stopped the manufacturing.

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