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Alfa Romeo Giulietta Nuova
  • Year1977-1985
  • Number of prod. 379691
  • Members

Alfa revitalized a big name from the past when they framed the new Giulietta (Tipo116) in 1977.

But not just the name symbolized the connection with the history, it was budded at the Giuliettas’ legendary road holding, and timeless beauty. This car gave a real content to the Gran Turismo term.

The road tests often blest its compact size, power, brakes, road holding, shell-shaped design (which was boosted by the rear end), and transaxle construction which effected perfect weight distribution.

The 4 door chop-styled chassis is a modernized Alfetta design; Giulietta is the smaller, lighter version. Alfa want to give an alternative for those, who don’t took up with the Alfettas’ size (and costs), and Alfasud’s front wheel drive.

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