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Alfa Romeo Spider / GTV
  • Year1994-2004
  • Number of prod. 74038
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The modern GTV/Spider couple history starts in 1995, when Alfa Romeo restart producing the GTV model, but without transaxle and rear wheel drive system.

The other main change was the interweave of both cars’ tracing. Till then the Spider and GTV was two different models, but from that time they were couples.

Beside loosing the rear wheel drive, Alfa made pretty good changes, so all the rabid GTV fans could find good things in the GTV. For example the Pininfarina designed bodywork which still looks fresh, sporty and fascinating after 11 years.

The precipitously and aggressively ascending centreline calls back the shiniest era of Italian sportcar manufacturing. The lined light on the bottom means a part of Alfa history (33, 164, GTV) for every Alfa fanatic.

The engines were: 1.8 TS – 144 HP, 2.0 TS – 155 HP, 2.0 V6 TB – 202 HP, 3.0 V6 24V – 232 HP.

The first facelift was in the may of 1998. The scudetto get a chrome frame, and all the black plastic bodyshells get a chassis paint. In the interior, the centre console the steering wheel and the seats were totally renewed, and the passenger airbag became the part of the serial equipment.
The second facelift was made in 2003. The front and rear bumper get a new design, and the interior get new materials, upholsteries, ect. But the most important novelty was the coming-out of the 3.2 litre V6 engine with 240 horses.

In 2006 Alfa replaced the GTV/Spider with the Brera/Spider range.

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