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Alfa Romeo Montreal
  • Year1967-1977
  • Number of prod. 3925
  • Members

Alfa introduced its new sport car in 1967 at the Montreal Expo, that’s why they named the car from the Canadian city.

The Giulia-based, Bertone designed 2+2 seater car came through a lot’s of changeover before Alfa started to manufacture at Genova in 1970. The biggest change was the replacing of the 1.6 litre Giulia engine, Montreal got the 33 Stradale engine’s road version.

It was a 2593 ccm V8 engine with Spica injectors and performed about 200 horses. In the interest of tractability engineers developed a 5 speed gearbox and matched it with a sperr differential.

Under seven years less than 4000 pieces were made, and Alfa didn’t made big changes on the Montreal.

Some versions were installed with a 3 litre engine, and the new GTV6 got the V8 unit. These units were made for racing and in a very limitated number.

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