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Alfa Romeo Alfasud Sprint
  • Year1976-1989
  • Number of prod. 121434
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Alfa Romeo introduced the Sud family’s hottest and sportiest version, the Alfasud Sprint in 1976.

However Sprint is the coupé version of the very successful Sud Saloon, they had only few common bodyshells.

The sprint get its brother’s stable, powerful, water cooled boxer engines, built in front transversal, so the engine range was the same.
Alfa stopped the production of Alfasud Sprint when the whole Sud family ended. But the conception was very successful, so Sprint resuscitated in 1983 as a separate model.

During the facelift, Sprint get some new bodyshells, lights, so an other figure. The chrome bumpers were replaced by a plastic one and the car get plastic side protectors according to the fashion of the 80's. The front was restyled but they kept the lights in a 2x2 form.
Alfa changed the inner upholstery too. These changes had only one goal: to fit the Sprint to the brand new 33 range, so Sprint became the coupe version of the 33 model.

The engineers made some changes at the brakes. The front brakes were replaced to the inner section of the stub axle, the rear brake discs were replaced by a drum. It sounds like a step back, but in practice it hadn’t got any effect on the brake power and the handbrake was placed to the rear wheels.

In 1989 Alfa dissolved the Sprint without any posteriors.

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