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02-03-2011  Teddy
Alfa Romeo 4C concept was unveiled on press day of Geneva Motor Show. Mid-engine; rear-wheel drive; acceleration to 100 km/h in 5 sec.
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At the press conference CEO Harald Wester gave and extended presentation about the results of 2010, and then he changed the subject and introduced the Alfa Romeo 4C.

The concept veiled with a black sheet was finally inaugurated so gossips of the last months came to an end. We knew that a mid-engine and rear-wheel drive vehicle was being developed but its introduction was dubious. It seems that automotive engineers of Turin had pulled themselves together and finished their work in cooperation with Dallara.

Polishing is unusual, the car is matt red, rims are polished smoke gray. Height of the car is demonstrated with the help of hostesses; the roof reaches their waist.

Short nose of the car similar to 8C is determined by the arc from the scudetto through the bonnet and the headlights. However any other
similarities cannot be detected. Side windows are very small like the ones of Lancia Stratos; door-handles are hidden into the dorsal carbon air scoops. Alfa Romeo logo by Centro Stile is the indicator; carbon linings of the mirrors are decorated with il Tricolore.

Rear is determined by the rounded lights and the arc of the boot.  It is such a small but such a compact car with the scaling of real sports cars.

Doors were not opened nevertheless some pictures could be taken of its indoor. A Ferrari-like display was installed: a speedometer in a tube, other meters in a rectangular section with the readings of turbocharger, coolant temperature, etc.

Technical details were not stated so it is unknown if there would be a cabriolet version named Abarth. Alfa is currently working to develop a product car for the European, American and Chinese market by 2012.

Press release claims that 4C weighs 850 kg and it is powered by the well-known 1750 turbo engine with more than 200 hp with the help of six-gear TCT twin dry clutch transmission. Wester emphasised the weight-to-power ratio of the car which is under 4 kg/hp and makes 4C accelerate to 100 km/h in 5 seconds. The two seat roadster is exactly 4 metres long, wheelbase is 2.4 metres, body work consists of carbon fiber, weight distribution is 40/60.

Harald Wester had a great vision in connection with 4C because this model would be the way to the next generation, as MiTo was, and Alfa Romeo would return to its original ethos. Wester said that this car was not just an experiment and they were working to get a product car by 2012.

As for the last year he added that they had performed the selling numbers of 2009, and considering the amount of 2010, current year is plus 40 percent. According to Wester the reason was Giulietta which has been sold for half a year. In 2009 selling had increased because of the wreck premium but this allowance was overruled by the governments in 2010 so success of Giulietta is evident.

The CEO was quite optimistic considering the selling numbers of 2011 and 2012. Wester claimed that upcoming developments would help Alfa Romeo to reach its aims.

Giuliettas and MiTos were displayed at the Alfa Romeo stand. Previous issues forecast a 159, too, but the stand, smaller than last year, was not enough because of the arrival of 4C. There is a QV MiTo, and a bronze MiTo 2011 with 1.4 turbo engine. There were two Giuliettas without any novelties.

Translated by Ferenc Pozsonyi

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