Giulia with V6 in 2011?

05-04-2010  Teddy
To substitute 159, Giulia with 350 HP engine could be available in 2011.
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British Car Magazine reports that Alfa Romeo will introduce descendant of moderately successful 159 in 2011. New Giulia can be built with the usage of architectures marked C and D which results a longer and wider construction.

As for the suspension: front one can be a McPherson strut, rear one can be a twin-link, both tuned to support sporty driving style. Most of the variants will be front-driven nevertheless architecture is able to house Q4 system thus a MultiAir V6 engine can be installed, too.

4-door Berlina and 5-door Sportwagon can get a 3-litre MultiAir V6 engine proceeding 300 HP, however it is said that there are negotiations with Autodelta about a front-driven variant with limited slip differention and 350 HP top-performance.

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BadBoy2008-04-11 15:44:43 // 16
It will be a car from metal or from paper?!?!?! I'm not interested in a car which is made from paper, it's not giving for me the impression what I feel when I see a real car.
156-GT2008-04-03 13:44:02 // 15
It will be really there ????? My digicam is loaded and ready for live-pictures ;o)
Grando2008-03-29 11:07:56 // 14
At the 12th of April in Esztergom you can see it! One reason more to come! ;)))