AlfaCity18 - 07th july, Zánka, Balaton

AlfaCity, Europe’s biggest Alfa Romeo gathering is the official meeting of Alfa Amore.
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Website: www.alfacity.hu 

On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/686152084919705/

Alfistis are everywhere, and they’re many, so you can see as many Alfisti and Alfa Romeo in one place as never before. Last year we’ve broken all records with 1325 Alfa Romeos gathered at our event, but back in 2010 as well we’ve served more than 1000 Alfas.



This year we will represent you the latest newcommer of Alfa Romeo, the Stelvio Quadrifoglio, but you’ll have the chance to see and touch all the current Alfa Romeo models. Just like int he past years, we will represent the history of Alfa Romeo through oldtimers and youngtimers.




You won't have time to be bored in AlfaCity, the place for fabulous cars and all your alfisti friends. But if you’d have enough from the petrol fume, lot’s of various programs are waiting for you!


Whole Day:

- Representing the Alfa Romeo lineup
- Alfarium vintage cars
- Racing Simulator
- Sporting programs
- Sponsorship programs
- Shop
- Buffet, food trucks


More detalis coming soon.

Location and accomodation:


Alfa Amore is committed to high quality and tradition, so we always try to find a place for AlfaCity, which is imposing and has the space for couple of thousand cars at the same time. The Zánka Camp offers different solutions for the guests: doubble rooms, timber houses, apartments, hotel rooms, and camping is also available. For more details check the pdf below.






If you’re an Alfa Amore member, you can buy your ticket in advance for 4500HUF (15 EUR) and pay it on the spot, or you can buy it on the event for 5500 HUF (18 EUR). If you're not our member, you can buy the tichet on the event.

The ticket is valid for two persons in a car, all the others in the same Alfa have to buy an auxiliary ticket for 2000 HUF per person. Entrance for infants under the age of 14 is free of charge.

More info: www.alfacity.hu 

260 entrants

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