>> Tuning and extras04-02-2010

Wow, it's been a long time I last visited the Engish site. Anyhow, I don't think there were huge flocks of people who wanted to check my updates...
Still, I write a few lines about the car and the last few months.
So I had the 164 QV 76,2mm crank, 164 QV rods, and Ross Racing 82 mm forged pistons. Everything was fine. Re-mapping went all right; boost set at 1,5 bar (22 psi).
I didn't go on a dyno to check the exact figures but it felt amazing. Even in 3rd gear it was not easy to keep the car on the track. So I was happy.
It lasted for about 200 km's when a strange noise began to come from the engine bay, max. boost wasn't more than 1,3 bar (19 psi), I had bigger turbo lag and I could feel the loss of power. It ran all right but wasn't the beast I didn't have time to get used to... Actually, it made about 260 hp at 0,7 bar (10 psi) boost.
To be short: I went to quite a few different mechanics, noone knew what was going on, and then finally I brought it back to where it was assembled. There the mechanic saw that the pistons were loose in the cylinders and that's why all shit happened to me and the car. Neither Ross Racing nor my mechanic took the responsibility for the engine damage so it's being rebuilt right now on my own expense. I'm happy. The worst thing is that I tend to begin hating the car. And it's not her fault. It was mine. And all the motherfucker, ass-licking, cock-sucking Hungarian reality's fault which left me completely embarassed. That's it for now.
As all this is in English and I know noone will read it I dare write it down here:
as soon as the car is ready I won't give boost over 1,3 bar (19 psi) and it will perform the way it performs. Maybe I'll cut back boost even more. It will still be powerful enough. And then I'm seriously considering selling the car I have loved so much and spent so much money on. But among circumstances like this it doens't make sense to try and build and exceptional car...