>> Event13-11-2008


>> Other11-11-2008


(needs cleaning)

>> Car cosmetics29-10-2008

Phon's job, nice job:)


>> Other29-10-2008


>> Tuning and extras29-10-2008

17 inches, Speedline, original Alfa Romeo wheels- for just 40000HUF (~160EUR)

I sold the 16 inches set for more ;)

>> Car cosmetics29-10-2008

Before KUL08 I bought a pair of white side indicators. I could finally replaced the orange ones. I washed the car as well:)

I'm getting used to this blue colour and the wheels. No, to the wheels not really but they'll be OK for the wintertime. Wintertime, MUHAHA, in Hungary :DD

>> Event29-10-2008

As I was told on the KUL08 meeting that the oil level should always be at the level '
"MAX" . Always.

Otherwise there's another wise thing: If anything go wrong, it will.

I've tried the dragrace with my little bluish but I couldn't make a right start so I was all the way behind the 2.0 V6 TB (Ravlik) as the second picture shows but at least it was fun:)