Alfa Romeo 166
  • Year1997-2008
  • Number of prod. 72749
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Alfa’s new flagship made its debut in 1998, when it replaced Alfas’ oldest new car, the 164.

The elegant but aggressively sporty design was the product of Centro Stile Alfa Romeo. The tracing is nearly related to the 156. Compared to the 164 it has remarkable technical novelties, Alfisti get a brand new flagship with the 166.

Fitting to other E-segment cars, the 166 was fitted with lots of extras, the part of the base equipment were the air conditioner, ABS, ASR, air bags etc., and the list of extra equipment was very rich too. (xenon lights, 17 inch alloy wheels, windscreen wiper with rain sensor etc.).

The interior diffuse comfort and luxury. On the central console a display monitor takes place with 15 cms of diameter. We can use it for operating the air conditioner, the radio, the cellular phone, the trip computer and the navy system.

In 2003 Alfa made a facelift on its flagship. The exterior changed just on the front; the 166 got bigger lights, and scudetto, which is mainly similar to the 147’s, and the factory started to offer the car with 3.2 litre engine.

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