Alfa Amore reports from Geneva

02-03-2010  Teddy
80th International Motor Show and Accessories of Geneva opens on Tuesday with a press conference. Alfa Amore reports.
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Chief executive officer of Alfa Romeo, Harald J. Wester said on the one-hour-delayed press conference that introduction of Giulietta was the best beginning for the centenary. Know-how of manufacturing cars of the last one-hundred years was compressed into this car which was a typical Alfa Romeo. It was able to supply all conveniences in the everydays but it supported sporty driving style as its predecessor presented in 1950 had done.

Considering the predecessor, he emphasized that Giulietta had been the first model which had revolutionized the manufacture of sport-sedans because that had been strong, sporty but usable in everyday conditions, too. According to Wester, New Guilietta performed the same since it was able to gratify all custromers' requirements.

He added that their new model was showing those values which were virtues of Alfa Romeo such as sporty features and driving experience. These were covered by DNA switch, undercarriage and choice of engines from 105 HP to 235 HP. All of the engines were supplied with turbo-system and they were able to fulfill the emission norms of Euro5 standards.

Wester said that the goal of Giulietta was evident: the firm had to surpass the eight-percent flare in selling of the previous year. Doing this, they had two vehicles now: MiTo and Giulietta. Latter was showed with new double-clutch system in Geneva, too.

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