Giulia, plus a half year

12-04-2011  Teddy
Introduction of Alfa Romeo Giulia is delayed a half year because Marchionne does not like its plans thus the return to the American market is possible in 2013.
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The return to the North American market has been proposing since 2000 withmany deadlines. The current deadline is mid-2013 instead of late 2012. Itsmain reason is the half-year delay of Giulia.

Automotive News Europe claims that Marchionne is not satisfied with thedesign, performed by Chrysler for the Giulietta siblings, Chrysler 200 andDodge Avenger. Considering the fact that these models have the same platformand systems, a modification has an effect on every one.

Automotive News Europe also says that the manufacturing plant has not beenfixed yet. Last year, in a presentation to bond holders an Italian plant wasstated, however this year an American plant was marked.

A compact SUV will be the next Alfa Romeo in late 2012. Until its arrival,Alfa lineup consists of three models. With those, it will be a hard act tofulfill Marchionne's selling plans about 500,000 units by 2014. Remember: Alfa Romeo wants to sell 170,000 cars in 2011.

Translated by Ferenc Pozsonyi

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