>> Tuning and extrasSeriff, 145 1.6 Twin Spark // 29-10-2008

I found the original seats uncomfortable and always loved the leather so there was no way to avoid my destiny. I bought a black set from a Fiat Coupe (Turbo 20V) and it jumped into the car.

I really loved it, it was nice, comfortable and nice:))

I sold the original ones- they supposed to be in a Lada, in Serbia:D

>> Tuning and extrasOllah, Spider / GTV GTV V6 TB // 29-10-2008

The "bosses" told me that they will cut my head off if I don't write something in my blog. They also told me I'm a motherfather and that I like Britney's music. What could I do but not informing you about the wasting of time and money related to my sweetheart GTV? ...

Briefly: I wanted ccm upgrade on the car by building a "hybrid" 3.0 TB engine from a 3.0 12V 164 Super powerplant and the stock engine. I was told that cooling won't be efficient with this config and therefore max boost could only be 15 psi so I decied "I won't shoot for the moon" (at least regarding ccm).
So I'll only have a 2.5 TB with a 3.0 QV crank, 3.0 rods and 82mm ROSS Racing pistons. Plus 370 ccm injectors, a bigger T3/T4 Garrett and a lot more. It's a long list. Actually, I have to mention the exhaust valves because they cause a delay in the work. A month and a half ago I was promised 2-week shipping, now I'd be happy to receive them sometime next week. Then to put together everything will be another 2 weeks and then I can put the car in the garage for the winter... Great...
I really don't want to go into details because it'd be too long.
1. the engine will start
2. after programming it will have great idle, part-throttle and full-throttle AFR
3. 260 whp @ 1,3 bar (~19 psi) and 98+ octane
4. 300 whp @ 1,5+ bar (22+ psi) and 98+ octane - max boost can be 2 bar (~29 psi)
5. money to finish everything on the car I plan to do (big brake kit, LSD etc.)

Tell me if you can send me donations and I'd be happy to give you my account No. (Just kidding!) ;)

>> Car cosmeticsSeriff, Spider / GTV 3.0 V6 24V Lusso // 29-10-2008

Phon's job, nice job:)


>> Tuning and extrasSeriff, Spider / GTV 3.0 V6 24V Lusso // 29-10-2008

17 inches, Speedline, original Alfa Romeo wheels- for just 40000HUF (~160EUR)

I sold the 16 inches set for more ;)

>> Car cosmeticsSeriff, Spider / GTV 3.0 V6 24V Lusso // 29-10-2008

Before KUL08 I bought a pair of white side indicators. I could finally replaced the orange ones. I washed the car as well:)

I'm getting used to this blue colour and the wheels. No, to the wheels not really but they'll be OK for the wintertime. Wintertime, MUHAHA, in Hungary :DD

>> EventSeriff, Spider / GTV 3.0 V6 24V Lusso // 29-10-2008

As I was told on the KUL08 meeting that the oil level should always be at the level '
"MAX" . Always.

Otherwise there's another wise thing: If anything go wrong, it will.

I've tried the dragrace with my little bluish but I couldn't make a right start so I was all the way behind the 2.0 V6 TB (Ravlik) as the second picture shows but at least it was fun:)

>> Car cosmeticsBaseverlast, 146 TI // 23-06-2008


Thanx for welcoming me at the club. I have been to Hungary several times now, and will be for many more I hope. Thats why I searched for people who love Alfa to in Hungary.

My TI is so much fun to drive, and despite the high kilometers it is still pretty fast. Not to meantion the cornering, the fun gets bigger every time. I own the car for a month, always wanted a Alfa and there will be another the next time I buy a car again.

There is just one thing thats spoils te pleasure, and that is the damage on both sides, as you can see on the pictures. I looked for doors, new or second hand and I cant find them anywhere.
Ofcourse I want to fix the damage, and I know that craftmanship in Hungary is very good. I will be in the region of Pecs / Szigethvar the first 2 weeks of august, so if you think there is a possibilitie for fixing it, or you know where I can let it fix please leave a message. Its nice to meet other alfa drivers too ofcourse, so if there is a meeting I will be there. There are few TI s in Holland, and this one must be on the road for a long time. I thank you in advance.

Greets, Bas